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Introducing Logic: A Graphic Guide

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'Introducing Logic' follows the historical development of this subject, explaining its symbols and methods, exploring complex philosophical issues and intricate mathematics with the help of Bill Mayblin's artwork.

A Biographical Dictionary Of Women Physicians In Nineteenth-century America

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Containing over 7000 entries, A Biographical Dictionary of Women Physicians Nineteenth-Century America captures the diversity of the individual women who sought to become physicians, their wide range of medical interests, and their accomplishments in the field pertinent medical and autobiographical writings, as well as their impact on the profession and on American culture. It includes all known women-from all classes and races-who received medical degrees, and a few notable women who were identified as physicians through apprentice systems that continued into mid-century.An extensive scholarly introduction serves to illuminate trends (such as the shift from apprentice-based training to formal medical school training, and the growing emphasis on allopathic treatments and clinical training in the latter part of the century) and to configure women's medical advancements within the contexts of other nineteenth-century reform movements. Entries are of three kinds:Short entries for women physicians of the period about whom we know little at this time;Entries of moderate length for the majority of physicians, including pertinent biographical information; andFully developed entries for the most notable women of the period, including information about their education, their practices, their writings, and other accomplishments in their lives, especially noting their impact on the field.Each entry presents the physicians name and, when available, dates of birth and death; also included are the physicians racial or ethnic identity, the year in which she received her medical degree, and the granting institution.The volume also includes thematic indexes. One lists the physicians by birthplace; another categorizes the women by racial and/or ethnic background.An extensive bibliography, including both nineteenth-century and contemporary sources, is included.

Modern Heliographic Processes

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The book is intended for the use of engineers and draughtsmen, who are so frequently in need of a good process for reproducing their drawings. After a brief theoretical introduction on the chemical and physical action of light, the author classifies the processes with salts of silver, with iron salts, with salts of chromium, and with salts of uranium. He gives practical instructions in regard to the paper to be used, the methods of sensitizing, and the trays and dishes used for the purpose, and describes various forms of printing-frames. Formulae which were found not practical, but which are recommended by reliable authorities, have also been given. The patented processes are included, although they cannot be used generally, in order to give a complete review of the subject treated. The first thousand copies of the book are accompanied by ten specimens of heliographic prints, among which the uranium and carbon prints deserve special mention. The first chapters, in which the methods of sensitizing and printing are described, are accompanied by numerous figures illustrating the instruments and processes.
-The Photographic Times, Vol. 19 [1899]


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