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The Fundamentals Of Drawing Animals

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The aim of this book is to teach anyone to draw animals and enjoy the process. The author begins with the basics and takes readers through the stages to produce finished drawings in a variety of media, from pencil to conte.

The simple step-by-step exercises cover a wide array of animals, from domestic pets, such as cats and dogs, through farmyard favourites, such as ducks, cattle, and horses, and include some wild animals and birds.

Packed with helpful tips and inspirational artworks, this book will bring pleasure and a sense of achievement to amateur artists who would like to develop their skills in this endlessly fascinating genre of drawing.

About the Author

Duncan Smith started drawing when he was a small child and hasn't stopped since. Since graduating with honours from the Glasgow School of Art over twenty years ago, he has worked as a freelance illustrator and has written and illustrated his own children's books, worked as a concept artist in film projects, and taught drawing classes to children and adults. He lives near London with his wife, two cats, and a wee dog called Ted.

Drawing In The Twenty-first Century

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As a response to the ubiquity of drawing in contemporary consciousness and a corresponding dearth of critical engagement with the medium, these collected essays provide original interpretations of artists' drawing today. Questions of process, politics, scale, and community raised in the work of the diverse group of artists are situated within the historic discourse on drawing and demonstrate the extent to which contemporary practice challenges previous definitions of the medium. From the room-encompassing drawings of Monika Grzymala and Barbara Bernstein or Sophie Calle's expansive exploration of the Jerusalem eruv to Andrea Bowers's graphite renditions of protest to Ellsworth Kelly's proposal for a memorial to September 11, the essays explore the implications of drawings' departure from the confines of a sheet of paper. Essential reading for both the academic and general audience, this book provides in-depth discussions of artists and projects that have never been treated in a sustained, analytical way; each essay will interest the wider contemporary art audience, as well as students of drawing. Taken as a whole, the volume represents a pertinent and stimulating engagement with issues of paramount importance to our understanding of contemporary art and its place in museums, galleries, and the public sphere.

Drawing Pictures A To Z

RRP $15.99

Drawing is fun. Drawing is easy. Drawing can be made as effective as you want it to be. The purpose of this drawing book is to help your child's strokes become much more refined and effective. Drawing is a great communication used by kids and adults. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy today!


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