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Draw A Magical Fairy World ? Beginner Lessons Book

RRP $12.99

Anyone who can hold the pencil can start drawing amazing Fairy . Learn to draw Various Fairy drawing Using this special Step by Step techniques. Using this Step by Step tutorial you can learn to draw different types of items in Fairy. This book teaches you to draw Fairy. By the end of this book an artist is developed within you to draw varieties of things from Fairy. This Book Includes: Learn To Draw Fairy 6 Characters: Learn To Draw Anime Fairy Learn To Draw Cute Fairy Learn To Draw Flower Fairy Learn To Draw Hell Fairy Learn To Draw Simple Fairy Learn To Draw Tree Fairy

Little Celebrations, Non-fiction, How To Draw A Mouse, Single Copy, Stage 3b

RRP $14.99

My First Drawings - Little Girl

RRP $49.95

As every parent knows, children express their very personal way of seeing the world through their drawings. Perhaps this is why our little artists' first masterpieces are so important to us!

Give your children's drawings the importance they deserve with this book where you can collect and keep them. On alternate pages, children can draw whatever their imagination suggests and on the other pages there may be illustrations to colour or simple step by step instructions for drawing animals and objects.

To complete and enhance this book, there are pockets to store drawings as well as CDs with photographs and videos of the little artists at work. Lastly, ten frames enable you to display your favourite masterpieces.

Includes :

  • Pages entirely dedicated to the drawings that children can make according to their imagination or based on ideas proposed.
  • Joyful images to improve or colour.
  • A convenient notepad in case your child has an artistic crisis.
  • 5 envelopes to protect your child's first drawings.
  • Frames to exhibit the young artist's masterpieces.
  • 5 CD's and DVD's sleeves to store the photos and videos of the artist at work.


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Graphic Design Coral Draw
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Graphic Design Coral Draw
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