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Writedrawdesign Notebook, College Ruled, 8.5 X 11 Inches, Koala Bear In A Tree

RRP $18.99

Let the cuteness of a tree-hugging koala bear brighten your day as you take notes or write out your thoughts in this 8.5 x 11" college-rule lined notebook. Be sure to check out the other cover designs in the Critter Collection as well as even more Collections by WriteDrawDesign, all available through Amazon.

Digital Vlsi Systems Design

RRP $546.99

This book deals with actual design applications rather than the technology of VLSI Systems. This book is written basically for an advanced level course in Digital VLSI Systems Design using a Hardware Design Language (HDL), V- ilog. This book may be used for teaching undergraduates, graduates, and research scholars of Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Engineering, Embedded Systems, Measurements and Instrumentation, Applied Electronics, and interdis- plinary departments such as Biomedical, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Physics, etc. This book also serves as a reference design manual for practicing engineers and researchers. Although this book is written for an - vanced level course, diligent freelance readers, and consultants, especially, those who do not have a first level exposure of digital logic design, may also start using this book after a short term course or self-study on digital logic design. In order to help these readers as well as regular students, the book starts with a good review of digital systems design, which lays a solid foundation to understand the rest of this book right up to involved Project Designs unfolded gradually. Contents of the Book The book presents new source material and theory as well as synthesis of recent work with complete Project Designs using industry standard CAD tools and FPGA boards, enabling the serious readers to design VLSI Systems on their own.

Image Technology Design

RRP $629.99

Image Technology Design: A Perceptual Approach is an essential reference for both academic and professional researchers in the fields of image technology, image processing and coding, image display, and image quality. It bridges the gap between academic research on visual perception and image quality and applications of such research in the design of imaging systems.
This book has been written from the point of view of an electrical engineer interested in the display, processing and coding of images, and frequently involved in applying knowledge from visual psychophysics, experimental psychology, statistics, etc., to the design of imaging systems. It focuses on the exchange of ideas between technical disciplines in image technology design (such as image display or printer design and image processing) and visual psychophysics. This is accomplished by the consistent use of a single mathematical approach (based on linear vector spaces) throughout. Known facts from color vision, image sampling and quantization are given a new formulation and, in some instances, a new interpretation.


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